Your uniqueness is the solution for a challenge we are about to discover

Shared Economy, reduce expenses for entrepreneurs

All house-mates contribute to keep a balanced & stable household budget


  • The Matrix-Q House carries a shared-household system
  • To become a Matrix-Q house-mate you need an entrepreneurial mindset, and activities
  • Naturally you prefer to reduce your expenses as much as possible
  • The shared-economy system in-house (Matrix-Q Method), enables for you a collective-buffer
  • By sharing resources and expenses together, we maximise the use of our available resources, to create more impact.
  • It keeps a balance and stable budget for the shared-house expenses
  • Complementary, a tokenized inner economy between the house-member and the Matrix-Q Ecosystem, enables transaction, exchange of services, products and value
  • The Matrix-Q Shared-Household, shared economy system, utilizes a holistic, circular, minimalist, tokenized, regenerative (doughnut) and quantum economy model (Matrix-Q Quantum Economy)

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