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Circular & Minimalist Living

Minimalist (intentional purpose) and circular design/model for house-hold resources management 


  • The Matrix-Q House carries a minimalist and circular living design
  • We intent to be 100% circular: from our management of waste, to the selection of providers (products and services the Matrix-Q House consumes)
  • We carry the intentional purpose to be minimalist, in the use of resources, equipment, space, decoration, materials
  • The minimalist approach help us keep our life simple, easier to manage, modify, reduces house clutter, and maximises use of space
  • Human circularity: we apply circularity principles to reduce waste of resources and time, in our creativity, communication, collaboration and learning process
  • Circularity principles will be used also for the management of wealth (income generated collectively by all members of the house)
  • We live our talk, asking companies and cities to become circular, we do live circular ourselves.

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