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Quality of life with an holistic lifestyle

Work-life balance and happiness at work system in-house


  • The Matrix-Q House is always close from nature
  • You may spend your free time in the forest, dune, water, mountain, lake or river.
  • Our work-life balance and happiness at work in-house system encourages you to cultivate a holistic lifestyle, create voluntary a rhythm with visits to nature.
  • Our in-house system provides all you need to keep a healthy body, mind, emotions, from human connection to skills, activities, and mentorship

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  • In-house you receive online and face-2-face facilitated by an in-house coach-trainer :
    • Yoga
    • Conscious breathing
    • Creative activities to boost your emotional intelligence (Arts, performing arts)
    • Serious playing (games)
    • Human connection activities
    • Fitness (indoors, outdoors)
    • Martial arts (self-defence)
    • Brain GYM
    • Cooking lessons
    • Body awareness
    • and more
  • The Matrix-Q House members create and enhance a shared activities schedule, where to empower each other to carry and develop a holistic lifestyle
  • At the Matrix-Q House we do not practice consumption of sugar, alcohol, tobacco, or any form of drugs or addictive substances or activities
  • A Matrix-Q Coach-Trainer in-house and online will care, and provide you the necessary support for your personal and professional development
  • In times of covid-19, ensure your activities at the house create for you a balanced and healthy life style

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