Your uniqueness is the solution for a challenge we are about to discover

Online (remote) Akademia for Matrix-Q House leaders, coach-trainers

We learn together and from each other experiences

With an online international-network of Matrix-Q shared-house projects


  • The Matrix-Q House online social-network brings together Matrix-Q House-projects from any place around the world
  • Matrix-Q House leaders and house-mates can join together online activities, trainings, group coaching
  • Receive feedback, share challenges, plans, solutions, creativity, inspiration, advise 
  • We build together a collective-intelligence aiming to create more impact from location and online

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  • The Matrix-Q Akademia offers a complete training program (online)
  • Our education methodology matches 9&% of the United Nations Holistic Education standards
  • Certificates for Matrix-Q House leaders, coach-trainers
  • Matrix-Q Guild memberships (Association of Matrix-Q Professionals)
  • Capacity building for the development of innovation and impact driven entrepreneurship projects
  • Build capacity for house-mates to develop projects and business activities that are
    • SDG’s compliant
    • Follow circularity principles
    • Carry a holistic new economy (regenerative (doughnut), minimalist, quantum, circular)
    • Sustainable
    • Human-Inclusive, diverse
    • Social-impact
  • Provide a complete training program (remote) for next generation leaders, talents, entrepreneurs, innovators, impact-investors, start-up leaders
  • Matrix-Q Licenses, certificates, and affiliation

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  • The next generation leaders bridge the skills gap
  • By attending the Matrix-Q Capacity building programs, house-mates qualify to join the Matrix-Q Guild, Association of Matrix-Q Professionals
  • Once achieved the rank of black belt, the Matrix-Q House (guild) members are eligible to join teams and projects of the Matrix-Q Ecosystem: The Matrix-Q Start-ups, Matrix-Q Associated Consultants,  Matrix-Q Innovation-Hub, Matrix-Q Competitions, Matrix-Q Research Institute, Value chain transformation projects,  Settlement/village projects, ICT Applications development, Impact Agents, Talents mentorship, and much more

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