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Matrix-Q House Project @ The Matrix-Q Community

This month of May, 2021, the Matrix-Q Community online opened its digital platform for new members.

The aim of the community is to create a space of communication, collaboration, learning, exploration and application of the Matrix-Q Innovations

A first introduction to Matrix-Q Projects and products, culture and lifestyle of our ecosystem

The Matrix-Q House Project is one of the start-ups in incubation at the Matrix-Q Ecosystem.

It involves building up a resilient community and cultivating a positive creative and impact-full mindset, as entrepreneurs, living together at the Matrix-Q Houses or participating online of our community

Therefor, the Matrix-Q House Project members will have a special channel(s) dedicated to their network and collaboration at the Matrix-Q Community Online, a direct way to get acquainted with the Matrix-Q Ecosystem

Would you like to learn more about the Matrix-Q House project or the Matrix-Q Community, please schedule time with us for Q&A or a colas-speed date online

You are welcome to join the Matrix-Q Community

The Matrix-Q Community is a free of charge tokenized digital platform where you can learn and receive support to utilize Matrix-Q Knowledge, Tools, Technology and Methodology. 

A brief introduction with our Matrix-Q Newsletter – The Matrix-Q Community-online  goes live – 

We would be thrilled to personally introduce you to the Matrix-Q Community, its resources and opportunities, channels and platform, with a personal call zoom with Q&A to tailor made your experience at our community

The Matrix-Q House Project + Matrix-Q Community

Our plans for future are to build together, both, an online community and the micro-clusters, established in our houses, small communities of impact and innovation driven entrepreneurs, living very close to nature and creating a positive impact in nature, societies and economies together.