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Holistic Lifestyle + Impact-Driven Entrepreneurship + Circular-Living + Holistic-Shared-Economy + Sustainable-Community-Building


  • Our mission is to enable quality, holistic and sustainable living for the impact-leaders of the future


  • We foster and build up shared-house communities and capacity for their leaders
  • We provide a holistic lifestyle system, work-life balance and happiness at work
  • We provide a shared holistic and circular economy system
  • We enable a in-house co-working space for innovation and impact driven entrepreneurs

Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken, CEO, Founder, R&D Lead, Impact Lead, Matrix-Q Ecosystem

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” The future means for us a change in our ways of living, thinking and collaborating with each other. The global pressing issues and negative impact created by climate change bring the human species to the edge of its traditional approach for solving challenges. In the future communities will need to look after their local living ecosystems and care for them daily. A shared-economy, which is circular, minimalist and holistic, will become the foundation for the next generation leaders, aiming to create a positive impact in nature, societies, and economies; while enjoying quality of living and an holistic lifestyle. 

The Matrix-Q House Project offers both, a community living space with quality of life; and an entrepreneurial starting/developing space, sustained by a shared-economy model. 

The Matrix-Q Houses (communities/teams) have the mission to assist, demo, teach and support local communities (neighbours) in a rapid transformation to a circular, sustainable, holistic and responsible way of living.

The Matrix-Q Houses online social network and akademia, provides a complete training program for impact leaders and entrepreneurs; and a collective feedback and learning system where Matrix-Q Houses from all Europe (world), will interact, learn together, evolve and collaborate with each other. ” – Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken


We offer you a path with diverse alternatives to join us:

  • Schedule time with us for Q&A, a demo presentation of a Matrix-Q House Project
  • Attend a forest-bathing events in Rhenen, The Netherlands, get to know us, experience our holistic lifestyle (work-life balance)
  • Subscribe to the Matrix-Q Online Akademia, Matrix-Q House Leaders program, in which you will receive a complete training to lead and manage a Matrix-Q House, including certificates as coach, trainer, circular-innovator, and impact-entrepreneur
  • Join a team (community) at a currently in formation Matrix-Q House in the Netherlands
  • Invest with your own-house (property), by making it available to host a Matrix-Q House Team/Community, at your location
  • Join our investment pool, to acquire and develop property (Matrix-Q House Projects)

Schedule time with us for Q&A